The Riddler

Rumours abound concerning the Riddler. Some say that everyone apart from himself who knew his real name has died in mysterious circumstances; others, that he was discovered as an abandoned orphan, was never baptised, and so has no true name.

He is said to be an Oxford don by day; or to sleep in the Uxbridge-Oxford stagecoach; to be legally married to his instrument.
Depending on who you believe, he may be an unfrocked vicar, or a closet mystic – or neither. Supposition and an obvious lack of hard evidence surround his origins, his lifestyle, his connections (if any), and even his vices.
How the Riddler came to play 'the Devil's instrument' is unknown, as is how he became associated with the miscellaneous crew known as The Filthy Spectacula. All that is known for certain is that his violin playing exerts a curious, almost hypnotic fascination; and that asking him a question never yields a straight answer.

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