The Dreadful Helmsman

The tale of The Dreadful Helmsman dates back to the early something hundreds when as a young boy he was raised by a tribe of mermaids somewhere just off the coast of mainland Europe.
His love for music grew as he explored the unique sounds coming from the passing vessels. At the age of 11 the tribe officially declared him a man. As he entered the world of adulthood he decided to leave the pack and embark on an epic adventure.
The Dreadful Helmsman climbed upon the next passing vessel. The crew had long locks of hair and everywhere aboard was the sound of the upbeat music that the shipmates referred to as ska. He spent his days mopping floors and his nights drinking rum. Life was everything he wanted it to be until that dreadful day. An overcast sky soon turned to an almighty storm. It was on that day the ship went down.
Laying on a small part of the wrecked ship he stayed afloat heading to the nearest mainland. After working his way up the river and passing many long and narrow boats laiden with coal, unsure of his location, he saw a sign that said, "Grand Union Canal".
The rest of his tale remains a mystery, however there has since been many reported sightings of a vessel on The Grand Union Canal driven by a man with long locks of hair, listening to an unusual collection of music, and as always, to this day, The Dreadful Helmsman has never been seen without a drink in his hand.

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