During a raid of nearby towns The Filthy Spectacula found Tarian in a small alley, dazed and mechanically hammering away at nothing whatsoever with no visible tools in his hands. Strapped to his belt were scrolls of drawings of all things unknown, and slung across his back was an odd looking box with buttons and keys. 

Forged in the fires near the bottom of the world, a place where the rains are blessed, Tarian is a conundrum to most. However, we do know that during one such blessed rainstorm he was carried away by floodwater and washed out to sea where he got tangled in a trawler’s net and was brought to the British Isles.

Upon making port he was given to a local blacksmith in exchange for a single nut and bolt. Put to work in the forge, he learnt how to make music with metal, and even turned the forge’s old bellows into the mystical musical box that he carries around.

He remains silent about how he ended up in the alley.

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