Mr E

Rumored to be born on February 31st some point within the 16th century.
Not much is known about his early exploits into the creative arts although it is said that he was a once good friends with the likes of Edward Teach, Goya, Beethoven, Bram Stoker, Dali, Houdini & Marie Laveau.
He is known to have spent a vast majority of the 20th century employed as a wandering minstrel with various Romany gypsy troops & traveling freak shows working throughout Europe & the far east & wanted in 13 states for crimes (he swears) he did not commit.
Presently, he has swooped down from the bleak mountains of Wales to hunt out fellow vagabonds, thieves, lovers & liars found in the streets & gutters of London town in his pursuit of the fine blend of musicianship & cultural diversity that is The Filthy Spectacula.
Mr.E is a character who will seduce you with his legends & his bullshit & his smile…. be warned.

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