Lord Harold

Lord Harold, 3rd Earl of Earswick was born in Ryedale in 1847.  As a boy his behavior was scandalous, resulting in his expulsion from Giggleswick School at the tender age of 8.  The reasons behind his shameful discharge have been lost to history (and he isn’t telling).
The young Lord was soon shipped off to join his father serving with the 33rd Regiment of Foot in the Crimea.  Young Harold made himself useful, serving as a drummer boy and aide de camp.
Harold returned to England and when his father died he inherited the family estates.  Relatives watched in horror as Harold began drinking and gambling the family fortune away.  Having been slipped a mickey finn, Harold awoke to find himself on a sloop bound for the wilds of Canada.  
He then found employment as a lumberjack and spent several years living amongst the Cree, where he earned the honorific “He Who Overplays” as a result of his inappropriate drum solos during ceremonies.  Following a misunderstanding (and gunfight) in Dawson City during the gold rush of 1896, Harold fled north to a native settlement on Herschel Island where he was frozen solid by a collapsing igloo.  His body, locked in a massive ice block, was found by an arctic expedition and taken back to The British Museum.  The museum decided he was not very interesting and he was put in a cold storage unit and forgotten.  A mechanical failure in 2013 caused him to slowly thaw out and having been not dead, but merely in a state of suspended animation, Lord Harold strolled out into the streets of London. 
He soon discovered that his estates were no more, (his drunk ancestors had gambled it all away). Failing to secure a job as a lumberjack, he soon fell in with rag-tag musical vagabonds “The Filthy Spectacula”.   Lord Harold is enjoying the 21st century so far, but says mobile phones are infernal devices though he thinks ice hockey is a damn fine sport!

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