Life on the road

We were certainly a busy bunch this bank holiday weekend.

Saturday was the first of 3 gigging days in a row and we rolled in to The Ink and Oil Tattoo and Hot Rod Festival in Peterborough.  We spent an enjoyable afternoon playing 4 sets in the bar.  Rumours of the band getting matching tattoos on their buttocks are probably unfounded.

Sunday took us to Crewe for some hot and steamy fun as part of the Crewe Steampunk Convivial.  As always they put on a great festival with lots of wonderful things to see and do.  It was great to share the stage with the always excellent BB Blackdog, our old gory pals The Wattingers and the ribald and risque master of ceremonies Montague Jacques Fromage.

We thought Monday was going to be one of those "what the hell are we doing here moments" as we prepared to hit the stage at the How The Light Gets In Festival .  We were unsure how well our non PC songs about drink, death and debauchery would go over with the philosophers but we needn't have worried.  We soon had the crowd singing and dancing along.  The only hiccup was that during our soundcheck, Ed Milliband was getting ready to give a talk and he complained that we were too loud.  We had to delay our start until he had finished.  Bloody politicians eh?!?

We also took some time this weekend to celebrate the birthday of our strummer and warbler, Mr. E.  He turned 3285 on Monday but does not look a day over 3284.

Huge thanks to all those that came to see us, hear us, smell us and touch us.  We will be back on the road again soon.