Festival Flavours

Greetings and salutations Filthy Fans.  Lord Harold here, remarking on what has been a very busy bank holiday weekend.  On Friday night we played the Flavour Parlour stage at the Maui Waui festival.  This is a wonderful festival with a real carnival look and feel.  We enjoyed it immensely.  On Saturday we headed up to Lincoln to immerse ourselves in the steampunk splendour of the Asylum festival.  We headlined the Punkus event and were supported by the wonderful Captain of the Lost Waves and Before Victoria.  The ornate assembly rooms provided the perfect backdrop for the night.  Our lovely Dreadful Helmsman was unable to make the Lincoln show so the talented Si Phyllis filled in on bass.

The Lincoln set was the 58th Filthy Spectacula show.  By my calculations I have travelled 4912 miles to get to those 58 gigs (9824 miles round trip).  We put in lots of miles each year to showcase our unique brand of music and we are very grateful that you come out to drink and dance with us.  

I raise a glass to all of you!