Don't lose your vote! Vote Filthy!

How arrr ye Filthy lot? Been having a suitably debauched heatwave drinking in the morning 'because I'm just so thirsty' and eyeing up members of the opposite sex (or the same sex, or any sex, whatever sails your galleon) in revealing summer clothing? Or just passed out in the heat feeling like you've got hangover even when you haven't?

Either way we have a very important distraction for you, in the shape of your democratic obligation to vote. No, not in 2017's second general election, that's not due till at least July. But for us, your very own Filthy crew, to open the main stage at Lakefest in August!

This would be a fantastic gig - for us, for the festival goers and for you, the great gig-going public as it would give a leg-up to how often we get to inflict ourselves on you willing victims. So get down here and vote - it only takes a minute but polls close at noon on Friday 23 June so don't put it off!

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