Auld Lang Syne

Most people are happy to see the end of 2016 as it seems a record number of beloved celebrities took their final bow.  We of The Filthy Spectacula had a lovely year, actually.  We played many wonderful shows, met lots of fantastic new people and released our debut full length album.  As we stagger our way through this festive season, we would like to raise a glass (or several) to everyone that made 2016 special for us.  To all the people that came to see us and spent their hard earned lucre on our merchandise, we thank you. One of the best things about being in The Filthy Spectacula is that we are not limited to a single style or genre.  We get to play at very diverse events and meet great people whose love of music brings us all together to drink and dance.  

We shared stages with some amazing bands this year and we hope to see you all again soon (except for the twats that pinched some of our gear, you know who you are and we WILL have our revenge).  

To all the festival organisers, bookers, managers and promoters, we thank you for giving us the opportunity to play and we hope we made your life easier by being (mostly) punctual and moderately sober.  (Really we were not completely pissed when we hit your stage, it is part of the act, honestly).

We are very much looking forward to keeping our World Famous Extravaganza rolling through 2017 and hope you will continue on the journey with us.

All the best this holiday season,
Lord Harold, Mr. E, The Dreadful Helmsman and The Riddler
The Filthy Spectacula