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UK based band playing a carnival of gypsy punk, dark cabaret, goth, and steampunk with a touch of ska and pirate shanties, mix with some dark, add more dark and you are almost there.

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Enter Mis-Tea 

We are overjoyed to welcome the newest member of our fearsome crew.  Please join us in welcoming Mis-Tea, time travelling violinist, backing vocalist and trapeze artist.  Read all about her in the about page!

The Blacksmith! 

The Filthy Crew has grown by one!  We haven't been this happy since we found that new brothel in Croydon!  Please raise a glass in warm welcome to The Blacksmith.  This bellows pumping handsome devil will be making his debut with the band at Music Mill in Plumstead, South London on October 27th.  To find out more about our new crew mate, please peruse his particulars in our band biography section.

New T-SHIRT available in our shop! 

A great new way for us to put YOUR hard earned money into OUR filthy pockets!  We have a new shirt on offer and you should definitely buy one.  They are as black as the Earl of Hell's weskit 100% cotton, very soft and gin and sweat absorbent.  Head to our shop and buy one right now!

Life on the road 

We were certainly a busy bunch this bank holiday weekend.

Saturday was the first of 3 gigging days in a row and we rolled in to The Ink and Oil Tattoo and Hot Rod Festival in Peterborough.  We spent an enjoyable afternoon playing 4 sets in the bar.  Rumours of the band getting matching tattoos on their buttocks are probably unfounded.

Sunday took us to Crewe for some hot and steamy fun as part of the Crewe Steampunk Convivial.  As always they put on a great festival with lots of wonderful things to see…

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New Blood! 

Hello Filthy Folks!  Your long wait is over and your patience has been appreciated.  We are proud to introduce the newest member of The Filthy Spectacula - Bullring Bryce.  He is filthy, he is fabulous and he is anxious to unleash his charm and talents on you as we embark on a busy spring and summer.  You can read more about him and his sordid past in the Bio page.  

Music Mill Cancelled 17/02/2018 

We are very sorry to announce that we have had to cancel our show at The Music Mill in Plumstead due to illness.  We apologize to those that were planning to come out.  We hope to be rebooked there later in the year.


Weigh Anchor! 

Saturday February 17th will be bittersweet.  We will be playing the wonderful Music Mill in Plumstead, South London which is always a fun time and it will be the final show with our beloved Dreadful Helmsman.  Come and drink and dance with us as we send him on his merry way.  We would like to thank him for his musical prowess, friendship and his tight pirate trousers!  Much love goes out to Jo (Mrs Helmsman).  Huge thanks for all her support over the last 3 years and well done keeping all those sound…

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Man Overboard! 

The Filthy Spectacula is sad to announce that our beloved Dreadful Helmsman is hanging up his cutlass. He will be playing his last shows with us over the next few months and then retiring to the wild west country to take up beekeeping, beer making and spending time with his lovely wife, 9 children and 41 dogs. The Helmsman was a founding member of The Filthy Spectacula and we thank him for being such a fine member of our crew and forgive him for drinking all the band cider and beer. We wish him all the best…

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Festival Flavours 

Greetings and salutations Filthy Fans.  Lord Harold here, remarking on what has been a very busy bank holiday weekend.  On Friday night we played the Flavour Parlour stage at the Maui Waui festival.  This is a wonderful festival with a real carnival look and feel.  We enjoyed it immensely.  On Saturday we headed up to Lincoln to immerse ourselves in the steampunk splendour of the Asylum festival.  We headlined the Punkus event and were supported by the wonderful Captain of the Lost Waves and Before…

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Don't lose your vote! Vote Filthy! 

How arrr ye Filthy lot? Been having a suitably debauched heatwave drinking in the morning 'because I'm just so thirsty' and eyeing up members of the opposite sex (or the same sex, or any sex, whatever sails your galleon) in revealing summer clothing? Or just passed out in the heat feeling like you've got hangover even when you haven't?

Either way we have a very important distraction for you, in the shape of your democratic obligation to vote. No, not in 2017's second general election, that's not due till…

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