A Filthy Old Tale

It was late summer when Mr E began his search for a crew to help him set sail and explore a weird and wonderful world. After meeting Lord Harold, the two of them decided to push things forward together.
Meanwhile in a land not so far away, The Dreadful Helmsman was also searching for a Ship to commandeer when he met Mr E. During this time Lord Harold also had something up his sleeve, as he then introduced newly acquainted friend, The Riddler.
For the first time in history Mr E, Lord Harold, The Riddler and The Dreadful Helmsman found themselves all in the same room discussing plans for an epic adventure. They continued their search for the perfect shipmates and after much trial and torture the crew was complete.
Laiden with creative souls, swaggering under the influence of the old sounds of the Victorian steampunk fair, combined with the extravagant energy from a traveling gypsy cabaret, they set sail heading for the dark side, soon to find themselves adrift upon the seas of stupidity, leading them to become what is now know as THE FILTHY SPECTACULA!

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