Welcome to The Filthy Spectacula!

UK based band playing a carnival of gypsy punk, dark cabaret, goth, and steampunk with a touch of ska and pirate shanties, mix with some dark, add more dark and you are almost there.

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An Oracle of Darkness 

On the day of this month that is the seven trinities, the colonial milord shall beat the time for the attack of Dread and MysterE. The Riddler's elbow shall jog the Fiddler's elbow - yet no drink shall be spilled unless it be danced with, and no fight shall break out unless too many remain silent and still. Then shall great rejoicing be heard in the land of the Lock Market and debauchery be seen and smelt by the artificial river of famed intoxicants. And the Spectacula shall return in triumph to the…Read more

Email woes 

One of the things I find the most shocking about living in the 21st century is our reliance on technology.  Everywhere you go there are these zombie-like creatures shuffling about, halting on stairways or busy sidewalks or wandering into traffic whilst staring mesmerised at their small glowing rectangles.  One of my hobbies is to bump them from behind, especially when they are blocking the stairs.

As we at The Filthy Spectacula are in the business of entertaining, we must be in constant communication with…Read more

Multitasking has been considered a feminine characteristic 

However, do you believe that this has prevented my comrades in - let's call it 'direct action' - from raping and pillaging at the same time? Or indeed drinking, fighting and swearing? There is nothing quite like the sight of a hardy British tar, one fist grasping a half-emptied flagon, the other clenched pugnaciously, showering his opponent with blows, imprecations and beer.

You may have realised that we are a little shorter handed than we could choose. So, as we weigh anchor for our first serious cruise as…Read more

When is a Good Ship not a good ship? 

Maybe, when it's an ale'ouse in Kilburn. Not going to sail very far in that are you? Except away to absinthe-induced oblivious absentia of course ...
Or maybe, when it's been taken over by a crew of thoroughly evil steam-age semi-human beery buccaneers such as - well, you can guess.
Either way, would you agree that for one raucous, rambunctious, riotous night in a freezing foggy January full of hangovers and hellfire (or is that just us?), the Bad Ship might be both a better name and a better laugh?
See you…Read more

What is the name of ... 

... the lesser-known brother of my good friend - I mean, the classical god *ahem* - Bacchus, who prefers apples to grapes?
Well, be that as it may, perhaps this summer you would choose to join us at a weekend of wild West Country revelry in his honour? I'm sure it can only harm your livers, brain cells and eardrums, and our palms have been crossed to fiddle for the assembled devotees.
Of course, if like ourselves you prefer to remain within striking range of the sources of the pea-soup smog and cheap gin that…Read more

Spectacula(r) Yule, yer Filthy lot! 

What do you mean we don't look very festive? These are our happy faces! (I wouldn't recommend even thinking that you'd like to see our not-happy faces if I was you ... )


What's harder to find in London than a padre in Soho? 

Well, depending on your experience of Soho, you might say most things. But on the other hand ...
I'll give you some clues:
It comes with at least six strings attached; but also as few as possible.
Sing it a shanty, it'll be joining in before you've reached the last verse.
It seriously distracts you from the geezer with the lantern and the eyepatch.
It's got rhythm like a plantation foreman giving a beating and harmony like the feller he's - never mind that.
It fits us like a glove, but none of us is planning on…Read more

The Filthy Spectacula enter the 21st Century 

Much time and effort has been spent and we can finally say that The Filthy Spectacula have made it into the 21st Century and launched their very own website. Please make yourself comfortable as you scroll through the pages and learn more about the old tales that have led these corrupt souls to become The Filthy Spectacula!

5 DAYS TO GO!!  

In five days time we will be in the studio, recording a few tracks for all you filthy people. Preparations are mostly all in place. A few final tweaks and we'll be good to go. New recordings will soon be available to download through all the usual places. More updates coming. Watch this space!