Welcome to The Filthy Spectacula!

UK based band playing a carnival of gypsy punk, dark cabaret, goth, and steampunk with a touch of ska and pirate shanties, mix with some dark, add more dark and you are almost there.

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Lord Harold Speaks! Click Here! 

Our own Lord Harold, beloved drummist and booze aficionado speaks about our debut album, Thrup'ny Upright, available May 28th.

A cheeky peek preview 

Hey mister!

Looking for a shore to your seas of stupidity? Need a pickup after finding your friends are all in fact absinthe, you can't crow over murder and you're as far from home as the Flying Dutchman? Still reeling from the discovery everyone you don't pay has no sympathies for you at all? Too hungover for another drinkski this early in the morning? Feel like your back's against the wall?

Our world famous extravaganza can help! Take a little look at what you can enjoy in full inside the house of ill…Read more


News - BIG NEWS!
Our debut album is almost finished!!!
Soon my friends you can own our 13 track cd entitled THRUP'NY UPRIGHT
It will be available from our online store, CD Baby or directly from our merch stall at gigs.
Watch this space for further developments!

Cast a glim ahead 

Lock up your daughters, your drinks cabinets and your heirlooms ... The Filthy crew will be back in 2016, and more insidious and troublesome than ever! 

January will see the foundations being laid of an even more imposing permanent monument to our long dead humanity. Yes, you guessed, the full-length Filthy album is in the offing and will be just as debauched, unignorable and roughshod as anyone would expect. Hold onto your hats for us unleashing that on an unprepared world later in the year. Yes, I know…

Read more

Booking Shows! 

Do you require entertainment that is both filthy and spectacula?  We are now booking shows for the latter part of 2015 and into 2016.  Drop us a line at info@thefilthyspectacula.com to discuss dates and rates.  We would love to hear from you.

More video evidence! 

More evidence has surfaced proving the existence of The Filthy Spectacula.  It has been reported that they have even appeared in DAYLIGHT!  Please peruse their Facebook page for some recent festival highlights (and click the "Like" button on their page while you are at it).



The Big Malarkey - Cancelled 

Due to some unfortunate circumstances, The Big Malarkey festival has been cancelled.  This is a real shame as a lot of talented wonderful people worked very hard to put it together.  We of The Filthy Spectacula were looking forward to playing, seeing some other wonderful bands and experiencing all the festival had to offer.  If you have purchased tickets, please contact the organizers to receive a refund.  https://www.facebook.com/events/876802082348106/


Video evidence 

There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt in your philosophy, your science or your agnosticism, regardless of whether your name be Horatio.

Doubtless you think the Japanese and Gallifreyan fables of curses transmitted by magic-lantern recordings, ghosts that spill from projection screens, images that take on the terrible powers of the monsters they represent - you think these mere tales for the children? The arrogance of the sceptic!

I tell you in all seriousness, you should prepare. Prepare…Read more

Set sail for the Side of Mersey 

It might be our furthest cruise to date. The prow may or may not be currently pointed almost due north. It is rumoured we are among five gangs of shanty-chanters to be unleashed upon the Scouse mobs.

The question to which we all eagerly await an answer is:
Do the northern monkeys live up to their reputation and their braggadocio? Are they hard-drinking, hard-dancing, hard-singalonging, hard-debauching, hard-swearing enough to flock to us like gulls to a boatful of corpses? And when they get there, will they…Read more